Looking for a quality team to handle all your fire protection needs?

Las Vegas Fire Inspection & Protection

Fire Protection System Installation

Phoenix Fire takes extra care to ensure our fire protection system installations are to the highest degree of quality and efficiency; and are completed on time and within budget.

Dedicated Service Department

Our certified and State Fire Marshal (SFM) registered technicians are standing by with a fully equipped fleet of vehicles to service all of your fire protection needs.

Sales/Estimation Department

We are staffed to provide complete sales and estimating for a multitude of projects, including ground-up buildings, retrofit of existing buildings, design/build, tenant improvements (TI), and residential properties. 

Fire Code Consulting

Fire Code Consulting is necessary on large and small projects to ensure that life safety is preserved and liability limited by examining Code requirements.

Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvements (TI) are those changes made to an office, retail, industrial, hospitality, restaurant, or residential property to accommodate the specific needs of a tenant.

Fire Sprinkler Design and Engineering

Phoenix Fire Protection performs inspections and repairs on all your sprinkler needs, including but not limited to, fire pumps, dry and pre-action systems, anti-freeze systems, standpipes, deluge systems, and any type or configuration of wet systems.

Why Choose Phoenix Fire Protection?


PHOENIX Fire Protection, LLC. (PFP) is dedicated to the preservation of life and property by providing the highest quality automatic fire sprinkler systems to our clients. By utilizing the latest software, our professional engineers, sales, service and personnel not only excel in building lasting relationships with our clients, but also strive for excellence within our industry.

 Our Policy

Because we are in demand for all phases of professional consulting from concept inception to completion inspection, PFP employs a team of engineers to create complex and detailed design/build projects for our clients. To our advantage, we also staff college graduate engineers who bring an analytical understanding of the theories behind the code requirements for our projects.

We have streamlined daily operations by making the most efficient use of time and maintaining constant overhead to greatly improve our net profit. We are now in a new growth phase and our entire team is geared up for the challenge. We have a proven track record with hundreds of commercial and industrial accounts and we are sure of our continued success as an industry leader.

About Phoenix Fire Protection?

We welcome this opportunity to introduce Phoenix Fire Protection, LLC. and would like to offer our assistance with your fire protection needs.